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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Real Anchorman = Lego Anchorman

After the overwhelming response on the movie comparison I posted yesterday, I decided to upload the Afternoon Delight scene from Anchorman for your enjoyment.

I had to alter it a bit to keep the length. Just as I tried doing on the Zoolander clip, I did my best to replicate the original shot-for-shot with the time (and pieces) given. What I found hardest was to control two people at once with my brother "acting" through the other two. And now, the lego film:

Award given where music starts

My favourite radio station, Phantom 105.2, won Local Music Station Of The Year at the PPI awards last night and deservedly so. Check out the press release on the blog of Phantom's very own Nadine O'Reagan here. I listen to the station as often as I can on weekday nights and most weekends when I'm not working the streets.

Visit the main site here and listen to Phantom online here. One of my favourite shows on the station is Album Archive where a single classic album is profiled. Tune in tomorrow for a show dedicated to Queen Of The Stone Age's "Songs For The Deaf". Here's the staff showing off their mad guitar skillz:

Friday, 19 October 2007

Lego Zoolander = Real Zoolander

For those interested in seeing the original Zoolander movie I based my lego movie on, I've uploaded it on the youtubes:

It's a bit sloppy in the editing but the main chunk I used for the lego clip is still there. I tried to get it down shot-for-shot as much as possible in the one day I had to shoot it. Here's the lego version:

A Brand New Mashup

... in poster format. Sylvester Stallone's new Rambo movie isn't known as "John Rambo" anymore. Or "Rambo: To Hell And Back". Or "End of Peace", "Holy War", "In the Serpent's Eye", "Pearl of the Cobra" or "Rambo: First Blood Part Two: The Sequel: Attack Of The Clones". They didn't even take my own suggestion "Rambo IV: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb". Anyways, the film is now going to be called "Rambo". To make your own Rambo poster, you take one part Sin City and one part Scarface:

If you are a Scarface fan, you will love this poster. It's made up entirely from the 300 page script. You can buy it here for $14.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Perfect magazine ads that pleases the kid in me

Colour blindness sucks (apparently)

I'm colourblind. Apparently, that means I'm not allowed to become a pilot, an air traffic controller or win the Mr Perfect Colourblindness-Free Champion 2007. It didn't stop when I was studying to become a graphic designer or prevent me from giving the course up. To be honest, even though I've read Wikipedia's misconceptions and compensations, I have no idea why colourblindness would stop me from flying planes. I kick ass at Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and have only managed to miss the landing strips about 3 times and land in the ocean. Somehow, that makes planes explode.

Feel free to take the coloublind test here and find out how "special" you are too. Here are the results I got from taking that test a while ago before the questions were changed.

Look at how many people got the same results I did! It boggles the mind. I found the image above at Threadless. It's a cool and cheap T-Shirt store. I'm all about the random sentences today.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Semi-exciting news #2

Stephen Colbert joins the race for presidency of the United States:

Semi-exciting news #1

Judd Apatow joins the collaborative comedy site

Some highlights from
The Landlord
Bush And The Zombies
Good Cop, Baby Cop
Spiders On Drugs

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Lookee what I bought

I bought all this for the low, low price of €519 in HMV Galway, saving over €250. It's still a lot of money to be spending on console. But the way I see it, I spend much less per week on computer games than other people who spend as much money on cigarettes. And the PS3 isn't going to give me multiple types of cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, circulatory disease and birth defects. That's if I ever decide to give birth one day, mind you.

Web 2.0 in under 5 minutes

Here's a hugely popular video I've never seen before, which deserves a post:

Web 2.0 is linking us together, eh? If that's the case then I should give this whole Bebo thing another shot. I stopped exactly one year ago when people made it a competition for homepage views as testament (in their heads) to their own popularity. The only reason I'm doing it is that I just want a way to bug people using a creepy avatar. At least until friends of mine can step up and upgrade to Facebook.

I know this isn't what Rick would want but, oooh, check out my freshly set up bebo now! It's got flashing lights and everything! Nude cats! Lego porn! It's also got the best picture of me you'll ever get to see. Add me if you want, fellow bebotards.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Top English wits

UKTV channel Dave conducted a survey to find out the top British wits. Here are the top voted wittiest men in British history and I've linked each one to Wikiquote for more wit than you can handle.
  1. Oscar Wilde: "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast."
  2. Spike Milligan: "A sure cure for seasickness is to sit under a tree."
  3. Stephen Fry: "It is a cliche that most cliches are true, but then like most cliches, that cliche is untrue"
  4. Jeremy Clarkson: "We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver oil. And jogging. I want to drive around in a Terminator, not the heroine in an EM Forster novel."
  5. Winston Churchill: "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."
  6. Paul Merton: "My school days were the happiest of my life: which should give you some indication of the misery I've endured over the past twenty five years."
  7. Noel Coward: "Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar. Never spread it about like marmalade."
  8. William Shakespeare: "Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery."
  9. Brian Clough: "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one"
  10. Liam Gallagher: (on Victoria Beckham) "She can't even chew gum and walk in a straight line, let alone write a book."
The list doesn't make much sense to me. Firstly, William Shakespeare never had to be consistently witty as a team leader on "Have I got news for you". Second, the top two in the list are Irish. I bet the next survey will be to was to find the best city in Britain only for Galway to win it. See, that's just me attempting to find my way onto the list for next year.

By blogging about it, we each save a rainforest...

Not really, we're all doomed I tells ya! I'm obliged to post this to make people aware of global warming and to do something about it:

See, by blogging about it, this whole global warming thing goes away. I'm suppossed to blog about what I feel most passionate about. I think that newspapers should be focusing more on the future of the planet and what we can do about saving it from desturction before 2050. Instead, the papers are full with about ugly ducklings like this:

Check out the top 20 ugly celebrities list here. Representing the Irish, Shane MacGowan is up there above Iggy Pop, Kelis and Donnatella Versace. Back on topic, I think we need a hero to show us the way:

And that concludes my olbigatory post about the environment.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Some Sunday Viral Videos: Just the two, actually

I've been distracted over the last week so I managed to post all the popular videos almost every day. And, as proof of my greatness, I posted every damn clip the day before everybody else catches on. Here's what everyone will be talking about this week. It's no "Iran So Far", but it's still great and doesn't steal the music this time around. Well, maybe it is.

"An SNL digital short- People Getting Punched Just Before Eating":

The ending was a bit... unexpected. I predict this to be the new nation-wide craze this week. Don't be suprised to be smacked in the mouth before you tuck into your sandwich at lunchtime tomorrow.

Here's a trailer for an absolutely ridiculous movie starring that Anakin Skywalker guy in Jumper:

Song Of The Week: Lethal Bizzle Editionizzle

Lethal Bizzle: Police on my back (sampled from a song of the same title by The Clash- View a live performance here). The single has been released for over a week but since I have no radio at work, I hadn't heard it before. There's not a huge amount of good new songs this week.


Jay-Z is back with that Skateboard P clown with "Blue Magic". It's his first single from his new "American Gangster" inspired album due for release next month. To be honest, that song is the definition of "meh". The Simpsons may have made it up but Jigga is all about the take-over, you see.