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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Goodbye 2007. Goodbye Blogspot.

I do be not good with words so I'll make my point using pictures.

Here's Monscooch on Blogspot:

Compare it to Monscooch on Wordpress:

That's the best I could do at summing it up. The address is and it is purty. Update your blogrolls and RSS feed if you have time but first, you shall buy me some orange sherbet.

Monday, 31 December 2007

Monscooch will return. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day. So, for now:

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Liverpool Watch: Chelsea

So that's three major losses in a row now. Hopefully, with Portsmouth coming up, we can make it four! Come on the pool! Wait, that's not right.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Song Of The Week: Later With Beirut Edition

Beirut on Later With Jools Holland- 'A Sunday Smile' (Download):

Here's M.I.A. with Paper Planes:

A Christmas Bonus: The Straight No Chaser a cappella group and The Twelve Days Of Christmas medley:

Tom Waits For Xmas Number One is a fantastic idea by Adam Maguire and I will support this idea over the X-Factor winner any day.

Here are the options to buy Tom Wait's 'Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis' to register for the Christmas charts this Thursday:

Apple iTunes* - 99c, works on any iPod or iPhone (please note the link will launch iTunes)
Eircom Music Club - €1.20, works on any 'Plays for Sure' device / €1.40, works on mobile phone
Sony Connect* - €1.29, works on any Sony device (please note the link only works in Internet Explorer and you will need the SonicStage application to download song)
EasyMusic - €1.35, works on any 'Plays for Sure' device (please note you may have to change your location to Ireland before purchasing as the site's default is for the UK)
Wippit - €1.39, works on any 'Plays for Sure' device (please note you may have to change your location to Ireland before purchasing as the site's default is for the UK)

I've already got the song twice in my music library but buying it again is worth it. Here it is being performed live:

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman!

Here are some brand new posters released just before the proper trailer is released:
Go here for a proper trailer to be released in high definition sometime soon... UPDATE: It's live, yo. And man, does it kick ass. Best two minutes I've ever seen of anything, ever.

Amy Winehouse: 1983-20XX

Here's proof that there's too many mutha uckers in the world finding their way onto our peaceful internet with the arrival of Sick punters sign a pre-condolence form and predict when Amy will go the way of Janis Joplin in order to win an iPod Touch. So far there are already 2400+ entries including these tasteless nuggets:
-im am really sorry if i predicted your death
-Thanks for the iPod!
-you get what you deserve
-Merry Christmas World!
-She's got a little life left in her. I mean, she's got to suffer as much as she has made us suffer. Plus, isn't it the good who die young? Country music told me so, and country music is missing some teeth, too.
Here's her breakthrough single 'Rehab' featuring Hova himself, Jay-Z: