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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Web 2.0 in under 5 minutes

Here's a hugely popular video I've never seen before, which deserves a post:

Web 2.0 is linking us together, eh? If that's the case then I should give this whole Bebo thing another shot. I stopped exactly one year ago when people made it a competition for homepage views as testament (in their heads) to their own popularity. The only reason I'm doing it is that I just want a way to bug people using a creepy avatar. At least until friends of mine can step up and upgrade to Facebook.

I know this isn't what Rick would want but, oooh, check out my freshly set up bebo now! It's got flashing lights and everything! Nude cats! Lego porn! It's also got the best picture of me you'll ever get to see. Add me if you want, fellow bebotards.


Rick O'Shea said...

Am disappointed in you Pedro.... *sigh*

Pedro Monscooch said...

Well, I try. Seriously though, nude cats.

On a side note: As a fellow life-long Liverpool fan, you might want to check the blog on Monday, I'll have the follow-up to the Liverpool feature "100 Days that shook the Kop" called "100 Players who shook the Kop".