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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kanye West / New Dick In A Box: Viral Videos

It's Kanye West mocking himself on Saturday Night Live's premier from last night- "It got champagne in it!". Brilliant. Watch it now:

From the same SNL episode was a sketch called "Iran So Far". Together at last, Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Andy Samberg (from the brilliant short "Dick In A Box" and the not so brilliant film "Hot Rod") featuring Adam Levine. It has a nice cameo a few seconds from the end:

The melody is lifted from Aphex Twins: Avril 14th, which is nice. It's a much better choice of sampling than that fool. He managed to "remix" Daft Punk since it's all the rage these days and he goes on make an accompanying video. Afterwards, he asks the robotic duo for permission to use the sample only for it to be refused. Check out the story and the awful video and song here on Stereogum.

Swedish hostess Eva Nazemson accidentally vomiting in the middle of the live-tv game show 'Nattliv' on national television. Check out a funny remix called "Make Me Puke" here but first, here's the original:
Paris Hilton gets her comeuppance on David Letterman's show. The man is much more ruthless than I would've been in that situation and I respect him for that. The full interview:

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John Cav said...

"You happy now? (Pause) I'll buy you a parakeet."

That Paris interview is hilarious, if more than a little mean. Thank you for sharing sir.