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Saturday, 24 November 2007

Freddie Mercury: Best Of

It's the 16th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death and what better way to celebrate his life than give you a huge list made by somebody called Oberon1966. He went ahead and uploaded many Queen concerts and documentaries on Freddie Mercury and Queen (15, actually) onto the Youtube. You can find them here.

To get you started, here's their Live Aid 1986 performance:

Liverpool Watch: Newcastle

This sort of play should be the norm. Click here for previous LW posts.

Playlists: Episode One

I've just thought of a brilliant feature that doesn't give me a whole lot to do but is still very entertaining to you, the reader. After my earlier Freddie Mercury post where someone uploaded an entire concert and collected them together in seamlessly in playlist form, I remembered I found some other similiar ones on my interweb adventures.

This week, I'll start off with a few great shows from comedians in their prime providing hours of entertainment via JimmyTheHand86:

Chris Rock- Never Scared:

Dave Chappelle- Killing Them Softly in Washington D.C:

Eddie Murphy- The combined Delirious and RAW shows:

Eddie Izzard- Dressed To Kill in San Francisco, 1999:

Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Story of Thanksgiving

For some reason, I've received thousands of hits on this blog from the United States in the last two or three months. I thought I might as well post about their national holiday which they are celebrating today by committing a massive genocide of Turkeys all over America. If there are any Turkeys in the States reading this right now, I give you this message: Run, you feathered bastards, run!

Anyways, here's "Celebrity Bric-A-Brac Theatre's Story of Thanksgiving", created by these guys who were behind the whole Chad Vader phenomenon:

Whenever I see or hear Thanksgiving being mentioned anytime during the year, I always think of this classic scene from The West Wing for some odd reason- President Bartlett rings the Butterball Hotline as edited by a blind and deaf man:

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Make love to Mother Earth... (plus some site news)

Here's the new one from the golden three comedy God's outide of Judd Apatow. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and John C O'Reilly create another short comedic sketch for, focusing on enviromentalists who take it a bit too far:


Being Christmas for a few weeks now, my everyday work outside of this blog will become intense. I'll have to reduce my work load by posting only once a day until the Christmas rush is over because I wouldn't want something like this to happen again.

That's unless something drastic happens- The powers above might realise I'm getting double time pay for 15 hours of overtime a week and decide to limit my hours which will give me much more free time and energy for this blog. That, or my work place suddenly implodes because of a spatial anomaly, which is a very broad term for any sort of extraordinary disruption in the space-time continuum.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Science Week: The blogging winners

The winners of the Science Week Ireland blogging competition have been announced:

-What was your favourite invention from your childhood? - Kevin Breathnach

-What invention would you most like to see in the future - Brian

-What is the next gadget you plan to buy? - Monscooch

-What was the best invention of 2007? - Poetbloggs

-What invention helps you most with your working life - Johnny Keyes

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to Science Week Ireland and Damien Mulley for the organisation. Sinead has the great idea to continue on with this idea of one question a day for inspiration and I hope to take part in future. She isn't giving away a Wii, isn't she? ;)

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Song Of The Week: Baxter's Better And The Expert Edition

Tom Baxter with his new single 'Better' from the album Skybound:

Messiah J And The Expert and their Superfamous Supertune:

Other songs that I've had stuck in my head:

Babyshambles: You Talk
Talib Kweli: Everything Man
The Shins: Sleeping Lessons
Paul McCartney: Ever Present Past (Justin Timberlake could learn a few moves from this man)

Click here for previous songs of the week.