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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Lookee what I bought

I bought all this for the low, low price of €519 in HMV Galway, saving over €250. It's still a lot of money to be spending on console. But the way I see it, I spend much less per week on computer games than other people who spend as much money on cigarettes. And the PS3 isn't going to give me multiple types of cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, circulatory disease and birth defects. That's if I ever decide to give birth one day, mind you.


Anonymous said...

Still cheaper than a gaming pc

Rick O'Shea said...

Totally unconnected but given that I can't find a mail here for you anywhere you seen this yet?

You interested?

Pedro Monscooch said...

Anonymous- I was recently contemplating buying a new PC for games such as Crysis but a lot of the funding plans for a machine capable of running such graphics included winning the lotto.

Rick- Thanks for the offer. There's an e-mail on the way.