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Saturday, 9 June 2007

First glimpse of The Joker.

This is old news but a lot of people don't even know there's a new Batman film coming out next year let alone the fact that the Joker is being played by a gay cowboy called Heath Ledger who was in this documentary once called Bareback Mountain or something like that.

There are two sites registered as a marketing ploy to generate interest in the film only to reveal characters and plot details to diehard fans such as the first image of Joker above. Click here to go to a basic site with an "I belive in Harvey Dent" poster. Harvey Dent is a lawyer friend of Bruce Wayne who goes on to become Two-Face after a run in with Joker (according to the comics this film looks like it's being based on anyways).

Click here to go to a joker-run page called "I believe in Harvey Dent too". It displays an error message but has a creepy message running all the way through, setting up the film nicely, portraying Joker as a truly psychotic maniac in comparison to the Jack Nicholson character everyone knows and loves. What everyone doesn't know is that Joker isn't supposed to be fat and jolly, dancing about to Prince music.

Harvey Dent campaign poster and the Joker edited poster.

A blurry shot of Joker and his wierdo henchmen. No leather jackets, fingerless gloves or boomboxes here.

Friday, 8 June 2007

My favourite Lost scene

Best line ever delivered by Sayid. That is all.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

How TV Has Taught Us To Dance

Most people, like myself, get very self-conscious about dancing in public. You try to be cool, but end up looking like a fool (word). If you like to dance, but are worried about being laughed at, why not bust out with a dance move that's intentionally dorky and is a funny pop culture reference to boot, so you’ll be laughed with instead of being laughed at (*cue studio audience applause*)?

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Queens Of The Stone Age: Era Vuldatis

This album isn't out for a few days so enjoy.

Genre : Hard Rock
RlsDate : 13.06.2007
Tracks : 11
Year : 2007
Source : CDDA
Size : 75,7 MB
tracklist01.Turnin' on the Screw [05:20]
02.Sick Sick Sick [03:35]
03.I'm Designer [04:04]
04.Into the Hollow [03:42]
05.Misfit Love [05:40]
06.Battery Acid [04:06]
07.Make it Wit Chu [04:51]
08.3's & 7's [03:34]
09.Suture Up Your Future [04:37]
10.River in the Road [03:20]
11.Run Pig Run [04:39]
47:28 Min

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Kanye West Youtube Extravaganza

Sorry for a lazy youtube post, but I've been busy working on a pet project while listening to Kanye West's new mixtape (see the link there?). Click here for an amazing live performance by Kanye and Jamie Foxx at the Grammys last year and then click here for a perfect mashup.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Happy Muppet Monday

It's not a real holiday event but it needs to be, dammit! If today is apparently "Apple Mac Day" and last Friday was "Hug Your Cat Day" (according to this, anyway) then why not have a day dedicated to cute huggable characters with mostly male hands up their bum holes? Every Monday I'll try to post something Muppet related and to start off, here are two videos.

The Cookie Monster meets the Count for the first time and make a compromise over a plate of cookies. I only like this film because they both know how to make an exit.

Click here
to see it.

Three of the best muppet singers finally come together in a once off performance. Beaker, Animal and Swedish Chef combine to form the Leprachaun Brothers.

Click here to watch.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Movies I made in my bedroom

I've uploaded the best of my old Lego films onto youtube. When I say best, it means that they were better than 20+ other films which... just... don't hold up as much (read God-awful). I made these films almost three years ago when I was only 18. They were kinda cool at the time but now I think of them as shoddy pieces of crap which i know I could do so much better now.

These films were made for a quiz type event held in NUI Galway raising money for charity (Concern, I think) organised by my brother and his friends. The lego movies had a round of their own where you had to guess the movie based on one scene or something like that. Go here and see five of my favourites.

Here's a simple one: