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Monday, 15 October 2007

By blogging about it, we each save a rainforest...

Not really, we're all doomed I tells ya! I'm obliged to post this to make people aware of global warming and to do something about it:

See, by blogging about it, this whole global warming thing goes away. I'm suppossed to blog about what I feel most passionate about. I think that newspapers should be focusing more on the future of the planet and what we can do about saving it from desturction before 2050. Instead, the papers are full with about ugly ducklings like this:

Check out the top 20 ugly celebrities list here. Representing the Irish, Shane MacGowan is up there above Iggy Pop, Kelis and Donnatella Versace. Back on topic, I think we need a hero to show us the way:

And that concludes my olbigatory post about the environment.


RapturePonies said...

that ugly celeb thing is so mean.......

but so funny!

Pedro Monscooch said...

Glad you liked it. Here's something else you might like: