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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman!

Here are some brand new posters released just before the proper trailer is released:
Go here for a proper trailer to be released in high definition sometime soon... UPDATE: It's live, yo. And man, does it kick ass. Best two minutes I've ever seen of anything, ever.

Amy Winehouse: 1983-20XX

Here's proof that there's too many mutha uckers in the world finding their way onto our peaceful internet with the arrival of Sick punters sign a pre-condolence form and predict when Amy will go the way of Janis Joplin in order to win an iPod Touch. So far there are already 2400+ entries including these tasteless nuggets:
-im am really sorry if i predicted your death
-Thanks for the iPod!
-you get what you deserve
-Merry Christmas World!
-She's got a little life left in her. I mean, she's got to suffer as much as she has made us suffer. Plus, isn't it the good who die young? Country music told me so, and country music is missing some teeth, too.
Here's her breakthrough single 'Rehab' featuring Hova himself, Jay-Z:

Coming Soon: Best Movie To Ever Feature A Drill Bra

Here's the trailer for Kataude mashin gâru (soon to be known as The Machine Girl to us western folk):

That's crazy ass shit there, son. It kinda reminds me of the time my left hand became dismembered in a ham and cheese sandwich related accident and I attached a portable vacuum to my elbow. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it's starting to get a bit annoying now. I do however get a lot of attention from the ladies- boo yeah.
Internation poster:

It looks an awful lot like this:

Which was copied for this:

And also this:

They look nothing like this following image but I'll allow it only for the sake of posting pictures of Natalie Portman:

T-Pain is a great big phoney

I've never been a fan of T-Pain. Most of his songs are weak, he talks like a fool and has no writing ability. Here he is performing without his digital voice, for once:

Here's proof that anyone can sing using T-Pain's digital aid:

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Liverpool Watch: Marseille

Beware of four-legged Stevie Gerrard

It's hard to put into words how lucky the Kop are to qualify at the last minute but as five time Formula 1 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio would say "Hello. I'm Juan Manuel Fangio".

(If the video below doesn't work, go here. If football isn't your thing, go here)

A lesson in Liverpudlian accents

Here's a clip from Walk Hard- the upcoming movie "from the guys who brought you Superbad and Knocked Up" (expect to see that on every comedy from here to Christmas 2009). It features Jack Black, Paul Rudd, Justin Long and Jason Shwartzman as Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, respectively.

Watch the first 10 minutes here and in case you don't have a ZIP code try this: George Bush, 7-6-46, 20500.

I'm still undecided about spending nine precious Euro coins on this one film. The trailer looked alright, I suppose. The first 10 minutes of every comedy starts with the basic story prologue, making way for the jokes that come in a few minutes later, right? It was the same case with Titanic. 150 minutes of prologue and then all the sinking ship hilarity ensued.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Song Of The Week: The Amy Edition

I'm going to steal a comment made on the (lazy) YouTube video because I can:

"Gorgeous song. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Video is kind of creepy though. It's like a tribute to a dead person. This woman is so incredibly talented, it's heartbreaking to see her in the state she's in. I hope this song is a huge hit, it deserves to be!".

Those would probably be my sentiments as well. I'd prefer to hear this repeatedly over the Christmas period instead of The Pogues or whoever wins X Factor in the coming weeks.

I'd actually like to see this get to number 1. It would be a huge morale boost to Amy (since her mum can't get through to her). Even though the accolades she keeps on getting, don't mean crap to her, maybe if she tops the Christmas charts, that might stop her going the same direction as Kurt Cobain and other troubled singers .

It wouldn't be the first time a depressing song topped the UK Christmas charts:

1986: Jackie Wilson - "Reet Petite"
1987: Pet Shop Boys - "Always on My Mind"
1988: Cliff Richard - "Mistletoe & Wine"
1989: Band Aid II -" Do They Know It's Christmas?"
1990: Cliff Richard - "Saviour's Day"
1991: Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody" / "These Are the Days of Our Lives"
1992: Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"
1993: Mr Blobby - "Mr Blobby"
1994: East 17 - "Stay Another Day"
1995: Michael Jackson - "Earth Song"
1996: Spice Girls - "2 Become 1"
1997: Spice Girls - "Too Much"
1998: Spice Girls - "Goodbye"
1999: Westlife - "I Have A Dream" / "Seasons In The Sun"
2000: Bob The Builder - "Can We Fix It?"
2001: Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman - "Somethin' Stupid"
2002: Girls Aloud - "Sound Of The Underground"
2003: Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules - "Mad World"
2004: Band Aid 20 - "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
2005: Shayne Ward - "That's My Goal"
2006: Leona Lewis - "A Moment Like This"

See? How many of those songs aren't depressing? A more complete list can be found here on Stereogum.