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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Colour blindness sucks (apparently)

I'm colourblind. Apparently, that means I'm not allowed to become a pilot, an air traffic controller or win the Mr Perfect Colourblindness-Free Champion 2007. It didn't stop when I was studying to become a graphic designer or prevent me from giving the course up. To be honest, even though I've read Wikipedia's misconceptions and compensations, I have no idea why colourblindness would stop me from flying planes. I kick ass at Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and have only managed to miss the landing strips about 3 times and land in the ocean. Somehow, that makes planes explode.

Feel free to take the coloublind test here and find out how "special" you are too. Here are the results I got from taking that test a while ago before the questions were changed.

Look at how many people got the same results I did! It boggles the mind. I found the image above at Threadless. It's a cool and cheap T-Shirt store. I'm all about the random sentences today.

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