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Friday, 31 August 2007

This makes me want to punch a T-Rex in the face

The Red Ring Of Death visited me today. Yippee. I'm not that fond of sending my X-Box 360 off to Germany for a month while I wait pointlessly in a queue on September 26th for Halo 3- the game the 360 was made for. I'm tempted to give the wonky one away and buy the new 360 Elite which is so much cooler. Because it's black, you see.

There's a crazy ad campaign for the game to reach new audiences in Korea. What the Koreans apparently want is Master Chief fighting a dinosaur.

I haven't started packing the 360 yet and I already miss it. Waiting is not my forté. At least I don't have to wait for Kanye West's new album. It's leaked onto all of the internets and into my ears. It's very good and growing on me by the second. But this is coming from a huge Kanyeezee fan so I may be a tad biased.

Favourites so far on limited listening: "Good Life", "Drunk And Hot Girls (feat Mos Def)" and "Homecoming (feat Chris Martin)". At least there aren't any silly skits this time around. Let's see what kind of magic trick 50 Cent can pull out of his arse to save his music career now and beat this...

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George M said...

My sympathies, man. Same thing happened to my 360 just last week and is still waiting to be picked up. Hopefully it'll be back before Halo 3 comes out in 3 weeks. Nice blog btw.