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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Look at him standing there... like Rory Calhoun.

Here's Antony Gormley's latest proposed project in Dublin. I think it looks awesome. Well, as far as I can see, it looks pretty amazing with the backdrop pictured below though I'm not that familiar with Dublin so I'm not sure if it looks this good from different angles. Maybe there's an Aldi beside it or you can see factories through it, I don't know.

Some would say it would look better without the statue and that the money should be used for education and health in the country. That's a fair point, but in the picture below you can see how boring this view really is.

It looks like it's missing a giant wire statue, wouldn't you say? I can't say I care for the fact the statue is modelled on Antony Gormley himself. Maybe a statue of someone else would be nice. Someone who isn't so self-obsessed. Like Bono... Or maybe Gay Byrne.

I think it would look better if was Batman looking over Dublin city instead. He could have lasers for eyes and speakers so it could say "Hello, I'm Batman. The time is now 9 p.m. This message was brought to you by Today FM". I made up this picture in (clearly) very little time:

Here's some examples of Antony Gormley's other work in video form with casts of himself placed in many places which proves that he's in love with himself:

-The Gateshead Angel Of The North
-Another Place
-Blind Light

When reading up on Antony Gormley, I thought that this man was nuts; he's crazy in the coconut which led me on to this amazing tune that time forgot by Avalanche: "Frontier Psychiatry":

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