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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Nana nana nana nana BATMAN!

Now that is one hell of a teaser. During San Diego's ComicCon (A platform for huge movie announcements- mostly comic book related) and through a website apparently run by the man himself, Joker was looking for a new henchman. To see what happened on the day, read the police report. They took viral marketing to a new level. Over a hundred people dressed as Joker were seen travelling from place to place on a treasure hunt of sorts. They were given directions such as receiving a balloon from a clown in a park after giving a password ("Why so serious?") and then pop the balloon to get a card inside which led to another street. There you'd find a boy holding a weapon. What was the weapon? Why, a bat of course. And it all led to the teaser, a new image of the Joker with Maggie Gyllenhaal and someone picked to be his henchman in the movie.

Some people disagree with the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Some people would say that Jack Nicholson nailed the character and that he shouldn't be replaced. Some people are idiots. They've never read the comics that the series is based on and they don't understand that he's supposed to be off-the-wall crazy and kills for the fun of it. I'm sure that Heath will pull it off even though it sounds like he's impersonating Hugh Laurie raspy American accent in "House" and then trying to do Mark Hamill's manic laugh from the cartoon series. On the right, I made a mock up of what Hugh Laurie would look like in the same make up . He's known to dress up.

The Dark Knight is out on July 18th 2008. A trailer is promised for December. I'll have Comic Con 2007 summed up in one mega post tomorrow. By the way, in case you wanted to know, Kapow! Zowie! Whack-eth! were all used in the old 60's Batman TV show. But did you know how often? Now you do.

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