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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Song of the week: Number 4

Linkin Park: "Bleed It Out"

It's apparently the new single from a Linkin Park gone soft but there isn't an official video yet so here's a performance they gave on Saturday Night Live. Mike Shinoda seems to be having waaay too much fun here. It's as if he's channelling SNL staple Jimmy Fallon, constantly grinning like a muppet through every word. There's not a lot of options this week for a good new song. I would have said Kaiser Chief's "The Angry Mob" but for the awfulness of it all. They ran out of ideas after incuding an "oooaaaOOOAAAHHH" in most of their songs. Another possible song would be the Simpson theme tune since it's Simpson fever right now.

This is the weekly lazy post with (suprise, suprise) my favourite song of the week. Here are my last Sunday song posts: 22/07/07, 15/07/07, 08/07/07.

Edit: I found the official video. Tis mighty lame. Jack Johnson nailed the backwards video in "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing".

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