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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

More great TV intros of my childhood

I decided to post this one before part one only to make sense in list form. Yes, I have seen all of these and no, I'm not blind yet. Anyways, here's the rest:

51. Looney Tunes -Intro
52. M.A.S.K -Intro
53. Mighty Max -Intro
54. Mork and Mindy -Intro
55. Muppet Babies -Intro
56. Mr Benn -Intro
57. Peanuts -Intro
58. Perfect Strangers -Intro
59. Pinky And The Brain -Intro
60. Pokemon -Intro
61. Popeye -Intro
62. Quantum Leap -Intro
63. ReBoot -Intro (Oh, Yes!)
64. Ren and Stimpy -Intro
65. Rocko's Modern Life -Intro
66. Round The Twist -Intro
67. Rugrats -Intro
68. Sabrina The Teenage Witch -Intro
69. Saved by the Bell -Intro
70. Scooby Doo -Intro
71. Sesame Street -Intro
72. Sienfeld -Intro
73. Spider-Man -Intro
74. Superman -Intro
75. Superted -Intro
76. TaleSpin -Intro
77. TazMania -Intro
78. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -Intro
79. The A-Team -Intro
80. The Girl From Tomorrow -Intro
81. The Greatest American Hero -Intro (only for the theme tune)
82. The Flinstones -Intro
83. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-Intro
84. The Mask -Intro
85. The Muppets Tonight -Intro
86. The Raccoons -Intro
87. The Real Ghostbusters -Intro
88. The Simpsons -Intro (A great one)
89. The Smurfs -Intro
90. The Tick -Intro
91. The Wonder Years -Intro
92. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles -Intro
93. Thunderbirds -Intro
94. Tiny Toons Adventures -Intro
95. Tom & Jerry Kids -Intro
96. Transformers -Intro
97. Where's Wally? -Intro
98. Wonder Years -Intro
99. X-Men -Intro
100. Yogi Bear -Intro

If any of these bring back any fond memories, I'd advise searching all youtube for some classic clips of all these shows. It's amazing that you can find any moment in TV history that you can possibly think about. Oh yeah, it's totally illegal but then again, what isn't? To see full episodes of classic TV shows visit the equally-illegal TV links.

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steet said...

Ever thought of checking the fansites, too? For example, you can visit this TaleSpin site.

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