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Thursday, 26 July 2007

All the great TV intros of my childhood

Another day, another huge Youtube list. Today, I've come up with a list of all the good TV show intros that I can think of. Most of them are programs that started and finished around the time I would watch them but some are repeats that Sky One based their schedules on (Happy Days, Family Ties etc). There's a lot there and goes to showhow crappy today's TV is. Part 2 is coming tomorrow, hopefully. It takes a lot of time to do these things. Includes all the "The" shows and stuff. Yes, stuff. Be excited.

Click on the show title to see it's wikipedia entry and the link beside it to see the intro. Here are the first 50 out of 100:

01. Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog -Intro
02. Aladdin -Intro
03. Alvin and the Chipmunks -Intro
04. Animaniacs -Intro
05. Are You Afraid of the Dark? -Intro
06. Babar The Elephant -Intro
07. Back To The Future: Animated Series -Intro
08. Bananaman -Intro
09. Batman: The Animated Series -Intro
10. Big Wolf On Campus -Intro
11. Biker Mice From Mars -Intro
12. Bosco -Intro
13. Buffy The Vampire Slayer -Intro
14. Califonia Dreams -Intro
15. Captain Planet -Intro
16. CatDog -Intro
17. Cheers -Intro
18. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers -Intro
19. Clarissa Explains It All -Intro
20. Count Duckula -Intro
21. Cow & Chicken -Intro
22. Crystal Maze -Intro
23. Darkwing Duck -Intro
24. Dinosaurs -Intro
25. Dogtanian -Intro
26. Doug -Intro
27. Ducktales -Intro
28. Early Edition -Intro
29. Earthworm Jim -Intro
30. Eerie Indiana -Intro
31. Family Ties -Intro
32. Fraggle Rock -Intro
33. Freakazoid -Intro
34. Freaks And Geeks -Intro
35. Friends -Intro
36. Garfield And Friends -Intro
37. Goosebumps -Intro
38. Gummi Bears -Intro
39. Hang Time -Intro
40. Happy Days -Intro
41. Hey Arnold -Intro
42. Home Improvement -Intro
43. Hulk -Intro
44. Inspector Gadget -Intro
45. James Bond Jr. -Intro
46. Johnny Bravo -Intro
47. Kenan and Kel -Intro
48. Knight Rider -Intro
49. Live & Kicking -Intro
50. Lois And Clark -Intro

1 comment:

steet said...

Oh yes, I do like a lot of the series you mentioned.
Currently, Talespin is my top favorite though :)