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Friday, 3 August 2007

My first perfectly cromulent movie review

I've finally seen The Simpson Movie and I thought it was... nice. Apparently, it's based on a TV show and embiggened to the cinema screen plus you have to pay to get in. So, to sum up, I give it 4 thumbs up out of a possible 5 star... percent. To be honest I really liked it and I cannot wait for the DVD. It's perfect material for DVD, especially since there was two movies worth of material cut from the film including Kelsey Gramer, Minnie Driver, Erin Brockivich, Isla Fisher and probably all the jokes that were missing from the film.

Anywho, I found a list of Simpsons lists so enjoy:
-Top 10 Simpsons endings of all time (BestWeekEver)
-Celebrity cameos on The Simpsons quiz game (Radar)
-The weirdest stuff Homer Simpson has ever eaten (Stuff)
-Greatest guest voices on The Simpsons (Bullz-Eye)
-Sexiest ladies on The Simpsons (Maxim, obviously)
-Top 10 vechicles on The Simpsons (The Mags Reports)
-Top 10 religious episodes of The Simpsons (Beliefnet - a religious site)
-Top 12 Simpsons created words (Cracked or a better list)
-The best Simpsons band cameos ever (Blender)
-The most obscure Simpsons characters (Maxim)
-10 of my personal favourite Simpsons moments (Monscooch)

Edit: I've just seen this site. Destination Creation is a (mostly crappy) graphic design company which, in it's own words, uses "award winning production tools, skills, knowledge and marketing experience to provide original and effective business development facilitation, visual marketing and multimedia advertising campaigns for a variety of clients through our full service Destination Creation studio." In other words, they make fancy photoshop pictures.

They photoshopped the entire Simpsons family as real people (but still ends up looking like an alien family) here. I'm most impressed with the pictures of Snowball II (as seen above), Santas Little Helper, and Blinky (scroll down here). That's it for now. Off-topic: Kevin Smith rocks.

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