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Saturday, 14 July 2007

A picture of me in Simpsons form

I've always failed miserably at drawing myself in the Simpson style. Now I don't have to bother with the new Simpsons character creator. To celebrate the worldwide premier next week of The Simpsons Movie in Springfield Vermont, I've compiled some of my favourite Simpsons moments that spring to mind.

Here's a small selection of the classic moments from it's 400+ episodes:

-Moe's Self Defense Class
-Mr Burns' Sitcom
-Stupidest Name I've Ever Heard
-Crazy Cat Lady
-Homer The Daredevil
-Cyprus Hill
-Homer Thompson
-Homer Crashes Moe's Car
-Talking Softball
-Stan Lee

You may notice that most if not all of those clips come from the first nine seasons of The Simpsons. I think it peaked at around season 6, 7 and 8 for me. The "Who Shot Mr Burns?" era as I like to think of think. It gradually became weaker, boring and worse from there and I haven't really watched much of the 14th to 17th season because of it. The rare ones I did see managed to get very few laughs but the latest episodes from season 18 have improved a small bit.

Here's the new movie trailer. If it doesn't restore my faith in the new Simpsons, then I'll have to resort to reliving the golden age through the magic of DVD's over and over again.

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