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Thursday, 12 July 2007

01-18-08/ Cloverfield/ Film With No Name

Watch this first:

This trailer was attatched to the Transformers screenings in America last week and this clip confused the hell out of people. It's from J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot and has no official name or basic plotline. All there is to know is that it's a giant monster movie.

I'm a huge fan of J.J. Abrams (and in case you're wondering, his full name is Jeffrey Jamiroquai Abrams) and his work (Lost, Mission Impossible III and Alias). I've watched this trailer many, many times and I've searched every good movie site and I still don't know what's going on. There are a lot of theories going around on this interweb thing and I've been going through everything to post the best of them tomorrow night. The theories and rumours that were posted in FAQs in and wikipedia were quickly deleted.

I've a few theories I came up with up on my own from watching the trailer and thinking about it over the last week, some better than others:

The obvious story: It's Godzilla. He's pissed. And he knows kung fu.

"It's alive, it's huge!": That line makes me think that something inanimate suddenly became alive and embiggened itself through witchcraft. At first I thought it was the Statue Of Liberty until her head came flying by. Maybe it is her and she's taken off her mask! Ever think about that? No! And that's why I think I'm great.

"It's A Lion, It's Huge!": A gigantic Aslan expoldes through the relatively tiny closet and suddenly wants to kill everything with his laser beam eyes and magnet feet.

The Blair Witch theory: You see the entire film through the camcorder and you're there to follow the people through what they do in this situation. You never get to see the monster so you won't be dissapointed if it is/ isn't Godzilla/ Cthulu/ Giant Slushie...

It's not a movie at all: It's all a promo for the next series of Lost. The series has already jumped into the real world and into the future so it would be cool to see the giant black cloud of death bring the smackdown onto New York. The connections are there. The writer, producer and director of Lost/ The figures 118 is used as a magic number in Lost and it would make sense to start the season 4 mini series around then. If not then it would be a once off film called "Smokey From Lost In The City: The Musical". It's a bit of a stretch (especially the last part) and will totally make the next 4 seasons of Lost even more pointless. That's unless they have a whole series of flashbacks based on Sun and Jin's past lives to piss everyone off.

There are a lot more ideas and theories so I'll post them tomorrow. To see the trailer in extra-fancy but slow-loading high-definition click here.

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