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Sunday, 8 July 2007


Yesterday was the Live Earth day. I found some links to download what I thought to be the best performances of the day. There are some acts like Foo Fighters I've yet to find but I'll update this at a later date. Some good performances mixed with some awful "comedic" material (I'm looking at you Chris Rock).

Kanye West in New York
Size: 18.9 MB
Lenght: 16:23 min
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That photo, by the way, is not part of his act. He jumped into the Police's Message In A Bottle featuring John Mayer with some fairly awful but enthusiastic improv rapping. You can see the youtube footage here.

Beastie Boys in England
Size: 15.1 MB
Lenght: 12:21 min
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Mike D is really letting himself go. Is it just me or is Money Mark's keyboard even plugged in? Why is he allowed on that stage?

Alicia Keys in New York
Size: 24,5 MB
Lenght: 20:20 min

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