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Saturday, 6 October 2007

Are you sure you don't have spare money?

Aww man. The very day I post my shopping list for the next eighty days, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announce that there will be a new, cheaper 40GB Playstation 3 model due for release in Europe this Wednesday, October the 10th. Not only that, but the 60GB model will be reduced in price by €100.

This isn't all good news however. In August, the 60GB SKU (which sold for €630 for 4 months until then) was going to be sold in a bundle with two first-party games and an extra controller for the same price. It wasn't the same as a price cut but customers were still saving on 2 €50 games and a €50 controller.

Some stores added to the bundle while others reduced the bundle to €600. The reason for this was that Sony are to scrap the 60GB as they have done in the US. Across the pond, the 80GB replaced the 60GB model while getting rid of the backwards compatibility to play Playstation 2 games. My favourite non-biased gaming blog, Joystiq decided to give Sony the WTF Award. Read it here with an update here.

I'm seriously considering availing of backwards compatability while it lasts so I'll post Wednesday if there was I manage to find a good enough bundle.

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