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Friday, 7 September 2007

Sample the new Kanye West album

Good news, everyone! Kanye is performing at the Marquee in Pheonix Park late November at an indoor/ outdoor concert. That means, it'll be hella cold. Yay!

I've been listening to his new album "Graduation" for the past week and I have to say it's one of my favourite albums so far in the year. He's developed a new futuristic vibe to his beats while retaining the obscure samples style the way he does best. It's still completely different to his last album. Which is more than I can say for 50 Cent's "Curtis" which sounds exactly like "The Massacre". "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" was a classic rap album but Massacre was weak in comparison and Curtis even worse.

I'm getting the feeling that there's going to be some kind collaboration between 'Ye and 50 down the line and that this some kind of ellaborate ruse. The whole Rolling Stone cover shoot was enough proof for me. I thought Jackson made the claim that the next album was his last album months ago but nobody cared. He was too busy becoming a fully fledged business man. He later called attention to his new album by challenging Kanye to sell more. This sounds like some setup for a tour simliar to "Best Of Both Worlds" featuring Jay-Z and R Kelly.

Anywho, here's the album. Listen to it now. Buy it later. Read my Kanye post tomorrow. Be in awe of my writing about stuff. And if you're a girl, throw your panties at the computer moniter shouting "Pedro, your word-putting-together-ness is the best!". Aww shucks, you had no reason to say that.

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