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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Meet the new iPod family

Apple has unveiled the new iPod lineup with the most exciting of which being the iPod Touch. It's a new ultrathin player has the 3.5-inch touch screen display and is very similar with the iPhone design and features. It does everything except the phone part. It supports Wi-Fi, Safari browser, Google, YouTube (so you watch awesome movies) with the coolest part being the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

Some other specs: It's 0.31 inch(8 mm) in thickness with 8GB or 16 Gb of Flash-memory. The battery will give 22 hours for listening audio and up to 5 hours for watching video. 8 Gb and 16 GB will be cost at $299 and $399, respectively.

There were a few announcements made:
-The iPhone is reduced to $399 with a $100 rebate to early adopters of the phone.
-The iPod Touch will have wi-fi letting you download on the go from the iTunes store.
-Apple have teamed up with Starbucks so that every time you walk into a store and hear a song, you can instantly tell what the song is on your iPod touch. Apparently, the deal was two years in the making. It's a clear connection: Coffee/ iPo, iPod/ coffee. It's so obvious.

There are some flaws:
-The memory size is ridiculously small. The iPod classic can have 10 times more storage than the larger Touch.
-The ability to buy anything on the go will cater for the impulsive man's need to buy a song a day.
-The nano is one ugly chubby midget iPod.

Here's the promo vid:

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