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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Who knew paper was so much fun?

I've just come across which opened up the whole world of papercraft to me. It's a really simple process where you print and cut out sheets and assemble 3D shapes from them. I'm going to go through the printer's ink at home like there's no tomorrow. Here's a tutorial to get started. I've listed some of the best sites with all these paper downloads and more:

-Epson (Some stylish and simple papercrafts)
-Ninjatoes' Papercraft webpage (Videogames/ movie related pieces)
-Papercraft World (The best of the bunch with a huge archive)
-Papercraft Paradise (The Second Best)
-Yamaha-Motor (some real cool motorbikes there)

Here are some links to some the models I want to get started on straight away. Remember to ask an adult for help when you cut yourself many, many times with scissors.

-Super Mario World
-The Keaton Batmobile (!)
-A transforming Optimus Prime (!!)
-Pheonix Wright (and other PW material)

Exciting possibility of the day: Monscooch on American TV? It's a start, I suppose.

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