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Monday, 20 August 2007

This deserves it's own weekly feature

I have reached a new level of hatred for Chelsea the cheaters. There was something incredibly fishy about the decisions made last Saturday by Rob Syles. The main issue is the penalty that never was. It was only given because of some pressuring from John Terry and the rest of the team. Second, a confusing decision to book John Terry from 15 yards away after he ran up to Essien appearing to give a second yellow card but then changing his mind. Throughout the game there were many occasions where Liverpool players were clearly fouled and almost Gerrard almost purposefully stamped upon by Mikel. I always thought that a match between two of the top teams in English football deserved at least a competent referee.

In an interview after the game, when asked about the decision and whether he saw Rob Styles being pressured to give a spot kick, Jose Mourinho said that his team wouldn't do that because the team were "naive and pure". Rafael Benitez heard this and said that if that was true then "I'm Little Red Riding Hood".

As a result of the poor refereeing decisions made, it was announced that Styles would be banned for one round of Premiership matches. He's since seen the video footage and now knows that he got it wrong and is deeply apologetic. It's also been revealed that Styles is on the board of the firm which paved the driveway of Chelsea's billionaire owner Roman Abramovich. So it's a conspiracy now? Interesting...

Anyways, I've embedded below the highlights of the entire match as hosted by Megavideos because of some silly legal issue on YouTube. If all you want to see are the goals then here is Torres' classy shot and Lampard's "penalty".

This kind of refereeing/ cheating really pisses me off so much so, that I need a fix of football comedy to cheer me up. That's why I like to turn to funny compilations such as this one on youtube. My favourite moment would be just before the 2 minute mark where a Ronaldihno wannabe has everyone highly confused, Ted.

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