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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Song Of The Week 7

Due to an awful work-only radio I'm forced to listen to, I have no way of hearing new songs at work so I have to rely on checking the most popular newly released music videos of the past week. It's tough work. For every truly great song there's about 400 remixes of Chocolate Rain but I think I've said all I can about Tay Zonday two weeks ago.

Hot Hot Heat: Let Me In

Here are some of the other videos I've had on heavy YouTube rotation:
Talib Kweli: Hot Thing/ In The Mood
Sleepy Brown ft. Big Boi & Pharrell: Margarita
Elvis And Lisa Marie Presley: In The Ghetto
The Chemical Brothers: The Salmon Dance

Click here to view past SOTW posts. As always, this is also known as the regular lazy post of the week to let me chillax.

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