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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Song Of The Week: The Amy Edition

I'm going to steal a comment made on the (lazy) YouTube video because I can:

"Gorgeous song. Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Video is kind of creepy though. It's like a tribute to a dead person. This woman is so incredibly talented, it's heartbreaking to see her in the state she's in. I hope this song is a huge hit, it deserves to be!".

Those would probably be my sentiments as well. I'd prefer to hear this repeatedly over the Christmas period instead of The Pogues or whoever wins X Factor in the coming weeks.

I'd actually like to see this get to number 1. It would be a huge morale boost to Amy (since her mum can't get through to her). Even though the accolades she keeps on getting, don't mean crap to her, maybe if she tops the Christmas charts, that might stop her going the same direction as Kurt Cobain and other troubled singers .

It wouldn't be the first time a depressing song topped the UK Christmas charts:

1986: Jackie Wilson - "Reet Petite"
1987: Pet Shop Boys - "Always on My Mind"
1988: Cliff Richard - "Mistletoe & Wine"
1989: Band Aid II -" Do They Know It's Christmas?"
1990: Cliff Richard - "Saviour's Day"
1991: Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody" / "These Are the Days of Our Lives"
1992: Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"
1993: Mr Blobby - "Mr Blobby"
1994: East 17 - "Stay Another Day"
1995: Michael Jackson - "Earth Song"
1996: Spice Girls - "2 Become 1"
1997: Spice Girls - "Too Much"
1998: Spice Girls - "Goodbye"
1999: Westlife - "I Have A Dream" / "Seasons In The Sun"
2000: Bob The Builder - "Can We Fix It?"
2001: Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman - "Somethin' Stupid"
2002: Girls Aloud - "Sound Of The Underground"
2003: Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules - "Mad World"
2004: Band Aid 20 - "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
2005: Shayne Ward - "That's My Goal"
2006: Leona Lewis - "A Moment Like This"

See? How many of those songs aren't depressing? A more complete list can be found here on Stereogum.

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