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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Amy Winehouse: 1983-20XX

Here's proof that there's too many mutha uckers in the world finding their way onto our peaceful internet with the arrival of Sick punters sign a pre-condolence form and predict when Amy will go the way of Janis Joplin in order to win an iPod Touch. So far there are already 2400+ entries including these tasteless nuggets:
-im am really sorry if i predicted your death
-Thanks for the iPod!
-you get what you deserve
-Merry Christmas World!
-She's got a little life left in her. I mean, she's got to suffer as much as she has made us suffer. Plus, isn't it the good who die young? Country music told me so, and country music is missing some teeth, too.
Here's her breakthrough single 'Rehab' featuring Hova himself, Jay-Z:

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RapturePonies said...

this is very weird...