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Saturday, 9 June 2007

First glimpse of The Joker.

This is old news but a lot of people don't even know there's a new Batman film coming out next year let alone the fact that the Joker is being played by a gay cowboy called Heath Ledger who was in this documentary once called Bareback Mountain or something like that.

There are two sites registered as a marketing ploy to generate interest in the film only to reveal characters and plot details to diehard fans such as the first image of Joker above. Click here to go to a basic site with an "I belive in Harvey Dent" poster. Harvey Dent is a lawyer friend of Bruce Wayne who goes on to become Two-Face after a run in with Joker (according to the comics this film looks like it's being based on anyways).

Click here to go to a joker-run page called "I believe in Harvey Dent too". It displays an error message but has a creepy message running all the way through, setting up the film nicely, portraying Joker as a truly psychotic maniac in comparison to the Jack Nicholson character everyone knows and loves. What everyone doesn't know is that Joker isn't supposed to be fat and jolly, dancing about to Prince music.

Harvey Dent campaign poster and the Joker edited poster.

A blurry shot of Joker and his wierdo henchmen. No leather jackets, fingerless gloves or boomboxes here.

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