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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Season 7 Preview Of 24: Live Free Or Die Hard

*If you haven't seen the above trailer and don't intend to, please avoid reading the following rant on which it's based. Just assume I wrote some hilarious yet insightful comments.*

The producers of 24 must've really liked the entire plot of Die Hard 4.0 because Day 7 looks like it's based on entirely on that: A former loyal government agent (Tony Almieda -sporting dodgy facial hair as his character used to do in the early days) is pissed off at the terms on which he left serving the government, systematically shuts down the United States with his mad hacking skillz, yo.

It wouldn't be fair to say the Jack Bauer has jumped the shark. He doesn't do things as conventional as that. You could say that he and the show in general have definitely crossed the realism line while driving a car that's on fire, killing the line on the way, crashed into a building causing it and several trucks to explode, drive back, revive the line, torture it and then kill it again.

The addition of Kurtwood "Red from That 70's Show" Smith leaves very little else left from the cast of the Robocop series left to play a role in 24. See the entire list from season one to six here.

The series returns in January 2008.


Annelie said...

Tony is suppose to be a nice guy..he's not a terrorist. Not in general,

Season 7 seems kinda cool though. :D

John Cav said...


Tony Almeida is actually Jack Bauer's father. Or goldfish. Or something.

Why won't it just end?

Pedro Monscooch said...

It'll never end!

They'll make Jack Bauer President of the United States and have him face off against Russia, China and the nameless middle-east country in a glorious shoot-out in Washington of all places since it's convenient. That'll probably be season 8...