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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cake Or Death?

Via Critical Junk (which I wish was updated more often), comes this adaptation of Eddie Izzards "Death Star Canteen" bit. The animation is a bit sloppy but it tells the story well:

If, by chance, you liked the above video, then that means you have a sense of humour. I implore you to purchase the Eddie Izzard DVD collection.

One of my favourite of the six comedy shows featured in that 6 DVD box set above is "Dressed To Kill" which was filmed in 1999. It features the bit I used as the post subject, Cake Or Death, which can see here. I've embedded it in playlist form below. It's broken into 12 bits and is roughly three hours long altogether.


colin said...

Goddamit - I have an older boxset but it only has the first 4 concerts. One of the best scenes Izzard wondering why in Star Trek they only have 2 phaser settings - Stun and Kill.

"Why not have a setting for bit of a cough or left the oven on at home?"


Pedro Monscooch said...

I loved his part in The Aristocrats where he couldn't find a way to approach the infamous joke since it's not his style to simply tell jokes.

He truly is a comic genius. Questionable taste in fashion (for a man or a woman), but genius nonetheless.