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Saturday, 27 October 2007

The Monkeys... didn't have Owen Wilson's best interests at heart.

Here's Owen Wilson's first interview, as part of the MySpace Artist on Artist series, since his suicide attempt two months ago. He's seen in the video above promoting The Darjeeling Limited with writer, director and general expert at smashing it, Wes Anderson. Through movie magic (as used in Transformers, apparently) they seem to be right next to each other but they aren't actually in the same room at all. Shocking, I know. It's like something out of those futuristic films like Tron or Spaceballs.

It's odd seeing Wilson a shadow of the ever-enthusiastic character he played in You, Me And Dupree or Zoolander. He's like a real life version of his character in The Royal Tenenbaums. It all reminds of the following 60's classic by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles called "Tears Of A Clown". Enjoy:

Well. That was random.

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