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Thursday, 20 September 2007

"One thing I can't stand, it's people groveling."

God is everywhere. He's even online. And He’s popular., which has more than just a passing similarity to a certain YouTube, has a 973% growing rate each month. Newsweek says it's "The hottest site on the Internet", whatever that means. GodTube’s 3 million unique visitors have added over 800,000 hours of video, all religion based. It's got what YouTube’s got, but with a strange religious twist.

To be honest, I find this level of devotion extreme and sometimes,incredibly funny. Yes, I go to church but I don't believe everything in the bible. Apparently, and you ask Sherri Shepard this, but the world is flat. Yeah, and dinosaurs and people co-existed too. That must've been fun. It all happened ten thousand years ago too. I've never read the bible. It's too boring. It's missing all the common scientific facts, an arch-nemesis to the story and exciting car chases.

Some quality GodTube viewing I've picked out:
Jesus Musik- Ridin with the top down listenin' to this Jesus musik
Christian/ Christ-follower (Mac/ PC parody)- Apparently hilarious
Baby Got Book- "Oh. My. Goodness..." Accidentally hilarious

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