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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Leave us alone, Chris Crocker

I desperately want Chris Crocker to go away. He made a video of himself defending a sinking ship in "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!". Just in case you thought he was acting in the video, you should see his bedroom. Naturally, looking like a fool made him an internet phenomenom. He has gained over nine million accumalative views from that single video and was recently signed to make a TV show based on his life living with his grandmother.

I'm not homophobic but he creeps me out to no end. Everytime I see a clip of him pop up while browsing Youtube, I have to turn off the moniter before I punch the moniter. He is an assault on the senses and should be put down. Especially after seeing a certain video he made with his brother a few months ago. See a copy of it here, realise that some people are sick in the head and then go cry in a dark corner. He deleted the original to protect his image but some people managed to mirror the film. It's disgusting and wrong and is one of the reasons I hate him.
His twisted views are another reason to wish you had the ability to just lock someone up and throw away the key. He once led a debate on why gay people shouldn't be allowed to fight in the war. Because they're gay, you see- yeah, that's a strong argument.

There's another mirrored video of his, deleted for obvious reasons, with an added petition to boycott everything Chris Crocker related here:

I hate him and he should be shot. From a cannon. Into the sun. He is highly opinionated and is almost always wrong. I don't hate him because he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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