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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Animation showcase: Don Hertzfeldt

As an animation enthusiast, I plan on doing a weekly feature on some ground-breaking cartoons and animation.

Don Hertzledt is the animator of the Oscar-winning "Rejected". He helped create "The Animation Show" with "Office Space" and "Beavis & Butthead" creator Mike Judge. You can buy his DVD from his website. You can be featured on the show too by submit your clips here.

I came across his work on youtube, naturally. Here are his clips from The Animation Show: "Welcome To The Show", "Intermission", "End Of The Show". The Intermission one is amazing: "It's like I can touch you!". Genius. Bonus clip: Hear him speak!

Here's his wildly inventive oscar-winning short, Rejected.

All the above cartoons are high-larious in comparison to Des Bishop. Check his interview from The Late Late Show last Friday blathering on about life in the west of Ireland.

You should hear the wacky observations he makes. He fingers cousins, or something. Either I've lost my sense of humour and don't get his "jokes" or he is as funny as roadkill.

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