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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

One of my favourite TV shows I watched and inspired me into becoming a comedic superstar myself was Whose Line Is It Anyway?. It's one of those shows that were so good, it was cancelled. But first, to piss of viewers when it originally aired, it was scheduled too late for most of the demographic the show was aiming for. You know, the viewers with a sense of humour. Not the brain dead folk who watch Big Brother.

I found a highlight collection from my new BFF on Youtube, "whoselinevideos". He took the best moments from every episode and every series. The following clips are each roughly 9-10 minutes in length meaning there's literally hours of entertainment in the following clips:

Part 1 (S01-02)
Part 2 (S03 Ep 01-15)
Part 3 (S03 Ep 16-29)
Part 4 (S03 Ep 30-38)
Part 5 (S04 Ep 01-02)
Part 6 (S04 Ep 03-07)
Part 7 (S04 Ep 08-09)
Part 8 (S04 Ep 10-19)
Part 9 (S04 Ep 20-27)
Part10 (S04 Ep 27-31)
Part11 (S05 Ep 01-06)
Part12 (S05 Ep 07-16)
Part13 (S05 Ep 17-20)
Part14 (S05 Ep 21-30)
Part15 (S05 Ep 30-34)
Part16 (S06 Ep 01-05)
Part17 (S06 Ep 06-10)
Part18 (S07 Ep 01-07)
Part19 (S07 Ep 08-14)
Part20 (S07 Ep 14-24)
Part21 (S08 Ep 01-16)

Some full Episodes:
Series 1 Episode 9
Series 8 Episode 1
Series 8 Episode 2

Bonus TV Special:
Drew Carey's Improve All-Stars: part one (35:44)/ part two (45:51)

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RapturePonies said...

i used to LOVE that was genius!