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Monday, 24 September 2007

Go Home Productions goes home

One of my favourite mashup artists who helped define the genre is hanging up his headphones. Go Home Productions a.k.a. Mark Vidler decided early on in the month to walk away from producing these mashup classics. But first, he's promised to release all of his previous collections from the last 5 years for free. That's over 200 songs in 16 different albums. Right now, he's got the first 12 ready to download (Torrent file here) with the rest of the compilations (unreleased rarities and whatnot) to come soon. Check out his page here where you can download each album individually.

Some other sources of mashup goodness:
A+D (site of The Rebel DJs)
Bootie USA (Collective American mashup scene)
DJ BC (creator of The Beastles)
Get Your Bootleg On (forum set up by McSleazy)
Party Ben (famous for Every Car You Chase)
ThriftshopXL (he made the fantastic Do You Wanna Cuz It's Tricky)

Here's one of my favourite GHP mashups. It's The Osmonds featuring another totally different band but I'm not going to spoil it on you. Check it out:

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