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Thursday, 16 August 2007

"Before Elvis, there was nothing"

I bought the '68 Comeback Special on DVD yesterday. It's something I've always been meaning to watch in full. Here's just a trailer to let you know what the hell it is I'm on about. If there was a concert I'd want to present at this would rank high up there. Also on the "I wish I was there" list would be Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Star Club in Hamburg and The Frames at the recording of "Set List" or this or this or even this. But that's just me going waaay off subject.

This is the Elvis you rarely see nowadays. The cool leather jacket that only he and Arthur Fonzerelli could have ever pulled off. The screaming fans who swoon at every word and scream everytime they look at him. Yet everyone who tries to impersonate Elvis adopt his glittery jumpsuit style from his worst period as a perfomer. Maybe they can pull off the fat-hairy-man-in-a-tigh-jumpsuit look better than the whole slick leather jacket image, I don't know. What do you think I am? An impersonation expert? No, for that you should check out this website but do yourself a favour and stay clear of this one. They're all a bunch of phonies. Sorry, I'm going on another off-topic tangent.

Have you ever wanted to see Elvis portrayed by Jack White? How about Jack Black as Paul McCartney and Paul Rudd as John Lennon? They'll all bem playing cameos in the new upcoming movie "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story". You can watch the trailer on YouTube or download the HD version here. It's yet another Judd Apatow movie and stars John C Reilly as the star of the show and about time too. It's a spoof of the musical biographies such as Walk The Line, Ray, Selena to name but a few...

-The official Elvis Presley website
-The official wikipedia entry
-The official fanclub in this time of celebration
-Rare footage from one of Elvis' last concerts (forgetting lines and possibly drunk)
-Quotes like the one I used as the post title by John Lennon
-"Jailhouse Rock" from the 68 Comeback Special:

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