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Friday, 22 June 2007

How Not To Park A Car

As I'm very tired and lazy, here are some more random links for today that don't deserve a post all by their own:

-An Island being created by a volcano. Pretty cool sight.
-Indiana Jones is back. He's old! Sitting Down! Wearing a hat!
-Top 10 Physical Transformations by an actor They all scare me.
-More Dark Knight photos. I can't say I love the bat-bicycle.

Some recommended Youtube clips:

-Greatest Dominos Setup Ever . I can't imagine being the person who knocks it down when it's almost finished. Would be high-larious.
-50 Cent makes water now. As pointed out in a comment for the video: "Wow, its cliche, racist, insulting to Beethoven, insulting to 50 cent and insulting to black people everywhere. Great commercial". Indeed.
-Padraig agus Nadia. And you thought TG4 weren't funny?
-The Worst Movies Ever. Shocking they didn't include this.

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